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  1. 2008.04.24 [lua2exe] lua 로 exe 먼들기
정보기술2008. 4. 24. 23:54

Eric Tetz <erictetz@gmail.com> wrote:
(25/08/2004 00:43)

>The Doctor wrote:
>> The ideal would be as easy as:
>> MakeLua.exe  Infile.lua  Outfile.exe
>I wrote it, just to try it out.
>Usage: lua2exe myscript.lua
>This outputs 'a.exe', which has your script bound to
>Lua 5.0.2 built with MSVC 6.0 with all the
>optimizations turned on. I did this in-between
>meetings, so it's very quick and dirty, but it works on my machine.
>It would be really easy to add a console control
>library (I have one written for Lua in Windows
>already), or better yet, to implement loadlib
>support. But I'm on the way to another meeting...
>so... tomorrow. ;)

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